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My ASTCD cannot go to the dog park anymore because he wants to pick fights with the other dogs for no reason. He gets real snappy and the other dogs react accordingly. Any one else have this problem? any answers?

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Mine is the same way! When he acts this way I put his leash on and firmly control him. This is a smart breed. He then behaves, for the most part. He may need a little command, but has make huge improvements when I started doing this.

They are pack dogs and their instint is tho become the leader you have to take control before you go out and stay in control or they will control you I stand in front of my dog and the take a step forward towards him and tell him to sit we do not move till he does and generally it get his attention and he will walk with his head slumpe down but continues to look at me for direction.

My 3 y/o stumpy was exactly the same (and he would pull and ‘talk’ all the way to the park). We found that getting another stumpy really helped- he is so much calmer and quieter around other dogs. We also found that playing soccer in the yard before we walked him and taking the ball to play with at the park helped as well.

We bought our first dog(astcd)in 94 for ten dollars at a horse sale best ten bucks Ive ever spent and have had a leash on her maybe twice ever in her life and the moment you put it on she instantly dummies up doesnt know what that means or why we would do that to her. We can walk her past dogs cats farm animals and until she hers a command from us does nothing but waits for us she always walks behind us and we have noticed through the years that she prefers us to all be in the same room together if not she constantly is checking I have three astcds and this is by far the smartest breed of dog I have ever seen or owned. These dogs are the most loyal in my opinion of all dogs all they want to do is make you happy their number one focus in life if trained properly will go any where with you and do just about anything you ask of them.

If you can not break him from being dog agressive, then I would suggest to get him a remote collar. Never use the collar harshley. I have the same problem with my stumpy tail. He is very dog agressive,but when he has his collar on he is very respectful.I have worked with him for years and am sure if the dog whisperer could take him and put him with his pack he would correct this behavior. So without proper help in this area I deal with his agressive behavior the best way I can. It works for me. I live on the coast,so we go to the beach a lot. There are many challenges with other peoples dogs. I will share one with you. One day we were walking on the beach and a guy apporches us with two very large great danes. He says to us," Oh they are friendly" about that time they both pulled away from him,ran over and jumped my dog. I turned him loose and he took one them down and came back for the next one.All the while the owner of the two dogs just stood there like a dummie. These dogs are very are not to be understimated because of their size so good luck with your dog and don't give up on him or her. Michelle Hanington..e-mail

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