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Hello we have a 4 moth old chowchow that will not play with us. He runs away when we try. If anyone has any information on what we could try?

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My puppy was the same way - kind of like a cat in that he decided when he wanted to play. As soon as I stopped thinking about him, he may slink around to play. However, he was pretty standoffish until about 6 months. He would always want me in his eyesight, but that was about it. Now I can't get him away from me even if I wanted to. He is about 1 year and three months and he just has to be chasing me, walking with me, performing for me whenever we are together. He will come and put his head on my lap if I am sitting down relaxing. I have a younger female chow who loves to get massaged and brushed, but she is totally independent. She is about 7 months now, but prior to that I would have to sneak up on her and give her treats in order for her to stay around and play.

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