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I like to walk on trails in the woods that can become very muddy. Currently i have a lab who is easy to wipe clean. I had an English Cocker in the past and it took a hose or bath to clean him up almost any time after a rainy walk. How much grooming does a springer need?

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English Springer's are not much different that the cocker you had. The coat is perhaps a little longer in some cases but it will require the same work. And yes, they love the mud and water.

I lived with my Springer for 14 years in the Sierra mountains of California. She loved the lake and rivers, as well as our romps through the muddy woods. She did have issues from time to time with burrs (which I picked out one by one), but the mud would dry and brush out easily. Her coat was longer and she had a lot of feathers on her legs and ears. We never had a problem with the mud!

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