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We just got a three year old male English springer spaniel. He came from a rescue of a puppy mill in Missouri. They neutered him about three weeks ago and he is still traumatized from the fire the guy set and lack of attention. Is there anything specifically we can do to help him get better?

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Hi. I also rescued a Springer from a puppy mill. After about 2 weeks of solid training and socializing her with people and other dogs, she had really come along. I actually took a few days off of work to be with her to expose her to all of the sounds and smells of my neighborhood, and to teach her the basic commands. I introduced her to many of my neighbors and encouraged her to approach other dogs when we were on walks and at the pet store. I've had her for 6 weeks now and she is a totally different dog than the one I brought home! She behaves much better, she's far less shy and everyone tells me how happy she looks. I promise that if you spend time with your dog acting as the "Alpha," he will be much happier and feel more secure. You hit the nail on the head when you said he was traumatized by being neglected. Dogs feel out of balance when they don't have a leader. So, take him on some walks, socialize him as much as possible and teach him some commands. He will LOVE you for it. Good luck!!!!

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