Photo What health problems do English Springers have? If the mother seems Ok at age 2y.o does this guaran

English Springer's much like many of the retriever breeds in the U.S. are fairly hardy dogs. The most common health issues are the same as with these other breeds and include Hip Dysplasia and Caterac

Photo I like to walk on trails in the woods that can become very muddy. Currently i have a lab who is eas

English Springer's are not much different that the cocker you had. The coat is perhaps a little longer in some cases but it will require the same work. And yes, they love the mud and water.

Photo My english springer spaniel is pregnant for the first time, i was just wondering about how many pupp

approx 7 puppies is average - good luck

Photo Hi we bought a springer spaniel today, he is akc registered and we did see both mum and dad, however

I wouldn't think so. I've had two spaniels with different coloured eyes and neither had problems with eyesight etc.

Photo We just got a three year old male English springer spaniel. He came from a rescue of a puppy mill i

Hi. I also rescued a Springer from a puppy mill. After about 2 weeks of solid training and socializing her with people and other dogs, she had really come along. I actually took a few days off of w

Photo On average about how much do these dogs usually cost?

We got a very high class hunting Springer for 250 pounds - I'm not sure what it is in dollars if that's your case. She was paperless, but has taken her hunting genes from her dad who was a top huntin

Photo Hi also have a registered english springer only 7 weeks old and he has one very promenent blue eye j

I had a Springer Spaniel with one blue and one brown eye. she lasted 14 years and had no eye trouble, could see the very best, until her last 6 months and i put that down to old age not the colour.

Photo hello i have a 12 mnth female springer and was wondering when she will have her first season, what a

Hi, This could be any time, my youngest has had her first season recently at 14 months, but they can come in quite a lot younger.

Photo Hey, I have a 11 month old springer spaniel male, he is a house pet and companion. He is quite good

Our 8-month old springer does just as you describe. He has been to "kindergarden" and that helps. More classes to come. He is our fourth, and high spirits are common and desirable. The s

Photo i am planning on buying a springer spaniel pup tomorrow he is 7 weeks old is this too young?

This age is not too young. Only 6 to12 wks puppies are usually the age that they for sale.

Photo hi i have a female english springer spaniel and i was wondering how many puppies she can have?

the average is about 7 puppies. I have heard some had 10 and some 14. It depends.

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