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How long do you wait to breed a female greyhound and when is the first time they come in heat, 6-8 months?

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Most breeds of dogs come into heat around 6-8 months. Some dogs can have their first heat even later, sometimes as late as a year. Breeding a female dog on her first heat isn't healthy. While yes, they can get pregnant then, it would be like a 12 year old child getting pregnant...her body and mind just isn't mature enough to properly care for children! Other things should also be taken into consideration when deciding whether to breed a dog, not just her age. She and the sire should both be in prime condition, they should have passed all the health tests their parent breed club suggests, they should have compatible genetics (like not doubling up on physical or temperament issues), among other things. Also, based on the parents and their parents, have you considered whether these pups are likely be healthy, mentally stable dogs? Do you know the fine points of what your breed should look/act like, and will the pups be good representatives of their breed? Do you know how to find good homes for the pups? (Just having a credit card or cash in hand doesn't guarantee a good home!) Breeding and raising a litter of pups can be an absolutely wonderful experience, but it can also be heart wrenching: Are you prepared for the possibility that a puppy could die? Or all the puppies, or the mother? What will you do if there is a problem with the mother's milk? Do you know how to bottle or tube feed? Please do as much research as you can BEFORE you decide whether or not to breed! An excellent way to learn is to find someone with your breed who is willing to teach you the ropes. Then you can be confident that you're doing the right thing, one way or another. :)

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