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I am fostering a litter from the local animal shelter, and i am convinced the mother is a catahoula, she had 7 pups, one died, it had a cleft pallet and was deformed in the face and back legs, two of the pups are pure white, and i can't find one pic of a white catahoula, do they normally just kill them?

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i just read somewhere online that the white ones are more prone to deafness, breeder's won't sell them and they are killed.

the white ones are most likely to be totally deaf, and if they have blue eyes and the pupils are uneven they most likely have tunnel vision. i use to work at an animal shelter and rescued a 5 wk old catahoula female who i adopted. she is deaf, tunnel vision and was born with a deformed leg that had to be amputated. she is now almost 3 yrs old and is a huge part of our family. she is smarter then hearing dogs. and was easy to train. she is my baby! to find them homes youll have to educate them on the bread and having a deaf dog. but they still make great pets either way. just need an experienced owner for training.

I currently have a 1 year old deaf male. He also has the blue eyes and uneven pupils but I haven't seen any indication of vision problems. I hadn't heard of this breed before a month ago when I agreed to take this one because his owners were separating and neither could keep him. We are both having to adapt to a new learning curve as they hadn't trained him and I've never dealt with his breed or a deaf dog at all but we are working on it. He is extremely smart although he is very vocal and I haven't yet figured out how to make him be quiet throughout the night while I'm trying to sleep. Not sure what the problem is as he doesn't have to go to the bathroom or anything but sits in his crate and whine/howls even though he has been crate trained since he was a puppy. From what I've read a reputable breeder (and I use the term loosely) will have them euthanized if they are deaf. Personally I think if they were reputable they'd avoid breeding animals with the white gene that makes them deaf. I was also reading by another person that they are prone to turning vicious as they age if they're deaf. How accurate this is I have no idea but am disinclined to believe one person's thoughts on the matter, until I know a LOT more. Hope this helps answer the question and if anyone knows of some good books or web sites I should visit for learning to train a deaf dog or the catahoula in general.

I have a 3 year old pure white Catahoula who has blue eyes and he is far from deaf and does not have tunnel vision. I picked him up from a rescue when he was 8 weeks old and they had got him from a breeder who was going to have him euthanized because of his "faults".

No, the white ones have a higher chance of being deaf though, so try searching deaf catahoula in google and you will find some pictures.

No, the white ones have a higher chance of being deaf though, so try searching deaf Catahoula in google and you will find some pictures.

Sadly, yes, because they usually deaf and most breeders will not let them live. Sadder still, it's the breeders fault--created because of breeding, cross breeding and in-breeding, to try and get a particular color pattern. Bless you for fostering!

Sometimes the white ones are deaf so they might be culled. Probably why you can't find pictures. Also they can be blind, especially if they have two glass eyes.

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