Photo Hi my 18 month Maltese Shitzu has developed bad dermatitis with very inflammed ears, bottom and now

hi! i am a vet from hudersfield and the dogs i have delt with in this situatiion they was alergic to flowers and trees, if you have any flowers or trees in your garden that will be the problem. if you

Photo How big does a Maltese get?

they can grow from 12 inch to 40 small cm

Photo I'm thinking of getting a maltese, but i dont really like how the coat is so long as the dog gets ol

I also am thinking of getting a Maltese I first saw a Maltese from girlfriends neighbor and explained that I would love a dog but I have a servere allergrie. She then told me that they are great dogs

Photo Hi. Is it normal for Maltese's to pant when sleeping? She is a girl about 11 months.
Photo What is the best thing to use for my Maltese tear stains?

Angel Eyes is absolutely wonderful! It is added to food, more in the beginning then tapering off after several months. In the end we now only have to add it a few times per week. Shop around, price

Photo hi my maltese has black spots on her stomack and they are in her but you can squeze them out like zi

Most likely these are black-heads. Nothing to worry about.

Photo hi my maltese has black litle tiny spots on her stomack how do you cure them?what are they?

theyre probabbly thicks my dog had that 2 just buy thick shampoo to get rid of them

Photo Hi, I have a 6 weeks old maltese I'm worried that she's not eating. Is that normal? Should I force h

Six weeks old, she should still be eating from her mother. Get some of the puppy type milk from the Pet store. You can also get something called Nutra-cal this will supplement what she's not eating;

Photo My maltese Max is very vocial. He barkes at me all the time, I think mostly to play with him, but i

You need to teach him that you are the boss and the boss says stop. I would suggest you contact a certified trainer and take some classes. Don't go to someone that does it for you. What you're look

Photo My 3 month old maltese puppy have errect ears, is this normal ? They are slowly dropping, when shoul
Photo At what day during her Cycle ahould I breed her?
Photo Hi, my 5yr old maltese keeps on scratching and biting her back around her bottom. When she does ths

Probably fleas and she's having an allergic reaction to it.

Photo I have a 7 lb. Maltese who is sooo cute & almost 2 yrs. old but boy does she have a barking prob

My maltese barks often as well. I think its a typical maltese behavior. Mine will bark at anything and everything!!

Photo I have a 1yr old maltese rescue, barks aggressivley at others dogs, I couldnt be happier with how he

Your maltese is agressive for a reason maybe neglect maybe abuse. He is also getting used to the adjustment of a new home etc. I would not recommend adopting another dog as of yet even though maltese

Photo My Maltese puppy has dark colored spots on his skin all along his back. They haven't seemed to bothe

Maltese are very sensitive to the sun so if you had your maltese in the sun he/she may have been sun burned as a result the dark spots on the skin. That will not go away try pet sunscreen as to not h

Photo I recently received a Maltese as a gift, he is two and a half years old. I took him to get his shots

I have a teacup Maltese that weighed in at 1.8ounces and got her vaccinated. At 2 pounds she is going in for the remainder of her shots. Maltese typically weigh between 6-8 pounds teacups weigh 3-5

Photo I have a one year old son, he seems to be alergic to dogs.His doctor says because he is young it wil

Hello, I thought I'd help answer your question with my own experience. I personally have bad allergies (pollen, dust, cats, dogs, etc.) I have had those allergies since I was a child and haven't

Photo I Have A Male Maltese And A Female Maltese, My Female Maltese Is Registered With APRI And My Male Is
Photo We got a 6 month old male maltese, and he never barks regardless how we tried to get him to. Is this

It's normal.

Photo We plan to get a Maltese this weekend. There is a breeder who has 2 Maltese puppies at 18 weeks old

Yes, I would be quite concerned. I fact, I would dissmiss the idea of those puppies. Firstly because they are meant to leave their mother at 7 - 9 weeks of ago. If left longer, you don't have the oppo

Photo Do they Shed?

No, not normally.

Photo My daughter is alergic to dogs but it seemed the Maltese did not give her any reactions. Are the Mal

2 of my 3 children are severely allergic to pet dander. I researched several breeds before deciding on our Maltese. We now have 2 of them and couldnt be happier. The oldest on is 14 months and we a

Photo My eight month old Maltese has started getting black around her ears, forhead and eyes. What do you

She probably has mites.

Photo We have been offered a Mitzu pup, but the mother bred with her previous son. What problems could thi
Photo What can I doe about my maltese's bad bad breath?

My Maltese Maximus had bad breath. I took my dog to the Vet and had his teeth cleaned. It costs because the dog has to be anesthetized but it was worth it. His breath does not smell anymore. The

Photo How long should a Maltese eat hard food?
Photo HI. I have a 3 month old maltese. The hair around her little face was getting really long and poking

We had the same thing happen to us! Her hair will grow back very fast. One suggestion is trim around her eyes next time her hair grows. just make sure to hold her steady.

Photo I have a 5 years old maltese who is the most adorable little guy we have ever owned.. Wile he was a

I had the same problem with my maltese. I also used the angel eyes it worked for a few months. I finally changed her drinking water from just plain tap water to distilled water wtih no added minerals

Photo Hello out there! We have a 15 week multi-poo puppy we have had him for a month and we are not havin

I am afraid it is the "tincture of time" with this breed. They so much want to please that I had a cage (with paper and water) set up for a "cooling off" period every time their

Photo I have a one year old Morkie and I haven't cut his hair. I groom him everyday. My question is rega

I have a 3 year old dog who looks just like a Golden Morkie although the rescue told me he was a Maltipoo. He has a thin, silky-wavy coat. If I have him cut in a puppy cut, he looks like someone chopp

Photo What is the best thing o feed them. I have a 7 month maltese just got her. @@


Photo I have recently adopted a one year old MALTESE AND SHE IS THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE, BUT SHE IS IMPOSSIBL

I would suggest putting your Maltese in a puppy cut. This is what I do with my dog - the brushing is much less and they are frankly a lot more comfortable. Enjoy your friend. My maltese has been

Photo Hi my puppy is 10 weeks old. I received her when she was 8 weeks. She was very playful and it seems

I adopted my morkie when he was 8 wks. old only...he does sleep a lot. The puppies are like infant that sleeps a lot and I think that's normal. My morkie is now 4 months and he's energetic but get t

Photo We are considering a Maltese puppy and doing a lot or research before bringing one into our home. We

We've had several inside dogs and cats. All of our dogs loved to eat out of the little box. Put the litter box in an area that can be closed off with a baby gate. Show the cat where the litter box is.

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