Photo How is this dog with cats???

we have had three elkhounds over twenty years, with our first we had a cat he was fine but would try and chase cats outside. Our female is fine with all cats even if we visit friends with cats. Our la

Photo won't eat, my NE went to the vet 3 times in @ 2weeks can't find any thing wrong with her .Please hel

Have they done any blood work? What were the results?

Photo My elkhound is prone to sebaceous cysts. anyone have a treatment idea or similar problem?

This is a common condition with elkhounds and frequently causes little problem. They can become large and rupture, and sometimes become infected. Keeping the skin clean with regular bathing can help t

Photo Hey, Can someone please tell me what the ideal weight for a 7 month old male Elkhound is? I had my

I'm not an expert, but I too have a 7 month old Norwegian elkhound. Mine weighs 20.5 kgs and is not overweight, so I'd say yours is probably at a good weight for his age. Check out my puppy's picture

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