Photo How much does a Norwich Terrier shed?

Not much, but a bit. If the dog is groomed (hand stripped) often enough, they shed very little. If the grooming is not maintained, they will shed more - especially in Spring.

Photo I'm thinking of getting a norwich or norfolk terrier, though I'm not sure yet which one. Which is mo

Norwich and Norfolk terriers used to be the same breed. Really it only matters of it's personality; every dog is different. But reletively they should be about the same. If i wanted a lap dog, i would

Photo how much do they cost?

That just depends on where you get it.

Photo how do you get their coats shiney and how often do they need to be stripped?

their coats stay fairly shiny in general with hardly any maintenance. they do need to be stripped about twice a year but it depends on the weather

Photo Can these dogs swim?

they can swim although at least ours does not care for water at all. (she does like to play in mud though!)

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