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I just wondered about how much our girl should weigh...she's 9 months now and eats only two times a day - 20 lbs at last vet visit. Very playful and loves to run - just making sure - I'm new to all this doggie stuff! Thanks!

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that seems about right.your dog seems very healthy just make sure to keep up exercising

my new 9 month old boy is about that weight and the vet says he is healthy....

She sounds good. You can give her more treats, but then just exersize her a bit more after that.

Our 2 year old is 22 pounds and in great shape! she acts like a big dog , tries to run the household

I have found that early on if you are consistent and firm, NOT YELLING, but firm and I use a hand gesture at the same time. Usually after a brief time of doing that the dog will learn that excessive barking, biting, and herding can be controlled. I learned the hard way with my first corgi. They are very smart and want to please. But stubborn also

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