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Our corgi is 17 months old. He has become increasingly aggressive with younger dogs. This started when he was about 12 months. Until then, he would play with all the other dogs. Is something he will grow out of? If not, what can we do?

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Is he neutered? Sometimes unneutered male dogs will assert dominance over the other dogs.

until recently I had a male corgi and he was neutered also. However, he was very dominant and agressive with my Golden Retriever and Border Collie. He was the only male with 3 females All spayed. Unfortunately we had to put him to sleep after he injured his back and became paralyzed but I was never able to stop the behavior because I think he was just plain jealous of the others even though he received plenty of attention. I now have a female and I am trying to nip that in the bud if and when she ever decides to be aggresive. Didn't know much about Corgi's when I bought my first one. Now I do. Good luck

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