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We are thinking about getting a pembroke to join our family. We have had a lot of problems with dogs in the past. We have a Pomeranian she is about 2, do you think the pembroke will nip at her?We dont really want a hyper dog being that we live in an apt, do you think we should consider another type of dog?

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We have 2 corgi's and they do not nip at our heels or each other, however they are very playful and will fight and play with each other. It just depends on the strength of the herding instinct on the corgi you buy and you can talk to the breeder about that. I would not consider another breed as the corgi is the most loving, and fun dog I have ever owned! They cheer you up when you are feeling sad! Corgi's aren't hyper like other herding dogs can be, but need regular exercise.

If you really like the breed, go for it! Still, I might recomend the Cavelir King Charles, they're the best dogs, have a personality like the corgi, and super cute. They don't even shed that much!

I have had three corgis. Mine have all wanted to be the dominant dog in our "dog family"...even to the point of nipping at and herding the bigger dogs. But they are not mean or aggressive...just "rounding up the bunch" and making sure everybody is in line. Your Pomeranian will likely become the subordinate dog, but if that's OK with you, Corgis are very friendly wnoderful animals...always cheerful, as the other poster said.

Corgi's can be strong willed little dogs,but as one poster said,they are so loving and fun.My suggestion is to do your research.Corgi's,when mixed with another dog of the same sex,can be problematic.Our male corgi can be VERY assertive with other males,but gets along fine with our female corgi.Your best bet may be a male,as you already own a female.A reputable breeder will be able to give you a summary of each pup's personality traits. Good luck with your decision!

We added a 4-month old Pembroke/Border collie cross to our family and have a Border collie/American eskimo cross who is 12 years old. Both are female and play great together although at first the 12 year old wasn't too sure of the newbie. The Pembroke/Border collie is now one year old. She's been a complete delight to us and all who she's around. Exceptionally easy to train!

If a corgi is untrained and allowed to heard and bark at whatever it likes most other pets in the house wont take kindly to it.(unless your other pets are very submissive) And yes they are hyper dogs unless exercised.

I DEFINITELY would NOT recommend a corgi for anyone living in an apartment unless that person is dedicated to excercising the corgi every day, twice a day minimum because they are a herding breed and have to have the excercise. They can be barky if not trained well from day one. Although they are wonderful companions and extremely smart the owner needs to really have the time to train and play. Otherwise neither you nor the dog will be happy.

If you have had a lot of problems with dogs, i would not get a corgi. I would look for a quieter, more laid back breed. I love my pembroke and think she is the best dog for me, but they can be bossy with other dogs (as the other poster said, not mean, but they are bred to boss cattle around, so thats what they do!) and can bark alot. Not a great choice for an apartment unless you really spend alot of time exercising your dogs. Might consider another toy breed like a pug or cavalier.

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