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i am thinking of getting a corgi. I have two cats and im wondering if they will fight with eachother?

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Depends on the Cat.... Any cat that is friendly will get along great with a corgi. Corgis aren't violent, and they never start any trouble. Most corgis will simply be curious and slowly approach the cat to sniff and check it out as if it was another corgi and new friend. If the cat acts violently and hisses, then the corgi will bark to tell it to shut up.... herding instinct. If the cat remains silent and runs, then the corgi will enjoy a great game of chase.... herding instinct.

We have a year old corgi, and a six month old kitten... when we brought kitty home, we held him and let the corgi sniff and get to know him before there was unsupervised time. I'd just suggest making sure that kitty can get up and away from the puppy, and that puppy picks up on the "signals" from the kitty. That way they get along, and the cat doesn't just hide. Corgis are really good family members, it's gonna work out for sure!

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