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Any tips on keeping your shiba's fur from getting all over the house?

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You should brush them regularly, but this dog breed tends to shed and there isn't very much that you can do to keep the hair from getting all over the house other than keeping them outside.

Use a "Furminator", the metal-toothed comb with underlying blade. Just don't press too hard while brushing! It was a God-send to me. And brushing daily, in addition to the Furminator (other names for same type of tool), is a huge help, too.

Try to not get it dirty so you wont have to bath it alot so fur will stop falling alot.

Yeah shave him!

I bathe my little girl and use the furminator on her while she's in the tub I then dry her with a blow dryer outside blowing the dead fur out and off and then I furminate again and blow dry one more time and wham bam thank you man no more shedding!!

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