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We just got a puppy 8 wks old, whose adorable but I couldnt help noticing that when she does poop, inmediately after she goes to sniff it and eat some. Can you tell me why, is this normal for this breed? I have never seen anything like this. I understand she is a puppy and we are training her to go out everytime she feels the need to pee or poop.

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We have a ten week old and he does eat our other dogs poop. I try to push him away quickly. I just hope it's a puppy thing. Anthony

It may be the food you are feeding her. Check all the nutrient levels and ingredients in it. There may be something missing from her diet. This is normally the reason for re-ingesting their own poo.

They sometimes get it from their mothers when they clean their den. I believe you can pick up something called "Deter" from PetCo and put it in their food. it will stop them from wanting to eat their own poo

Mine is 4yrs now and did the same as a puppy. We change her food, vet said it wasting do with nutrients missing in her diet. But watch that your pup doesn't Develop a parasite from doing so. I agree with the others too

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