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HOw do you get your wheatonto come back when called?

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Good question. I would be interested in seeing this answer. We have this same problem with our wheaten. She rarely comes to you when you call her. We have tried lead training and treat training and neither seem to work.

Our wheaten is 18 months old, and she comes back. The tone of your voice we have discovered is the most successful. If you sound very happy or very calm and assertive she comes running. WE have also discovered that she comes more quickly when my husband calls her. She tends to listen to him more, and its definitely the tone of his voice. We use no treats to call her back. And you have to be consistent, and the few times she did not comeback we had to go and get her, a few times that took 10-15 minutes of training. So we do not use the word 'come' that often, especially is we are not willing to go and get here. So less frequent use of the word come and when we do use it, she always comes back....

I noticed when my female got out a few months ago (she'll be 2yrs in June '08) when i got down to a squating position and called her, she came running back

I was told when we got ours, never trust a wheaten. Its hard to say if they will bolt away. For the most part she stands still when I tell her to stay. Then I grab her.

call it once and only once. if it doesn't come..... walk to it and give it a gentle rap on the back of his head.the walk away and call it again. repeat as required.

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