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I am thinking about getting a wheaton terrier, but I have a cat. Do any of you have a cat also? How are they together?

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We got our wheaton when she was three yrs. old. Our cat was four yrs. old. The dog will kind of bumb rush the cat a little more than he is used to, but she's not mean or aggressive to the cat. They will sleep together at times as well. We just tell her "easy" or "nice" and she usually settles down. Wheatons are very easy to please so training shouldln't be hard. I should add that my cat was used to dogs, and pretty tolerant when we first got our wheaton!

Our wheaten thinks that cats are new and interesting friends. He tries to obsessively chase the ones in our neighborhood... He would never hurt the cat, but I'm not sure if cat + wheaten is a good idea. The wheaten is known for it's strong chasing instincts (that's one of the things they were bred for).

My Wheatie and my 19 pound tabby cat get along fabulously! My cat is declawed, so they like to spar from time to time, and chase each other around the house, until later I find them curled up together fast asleep. The trick is: we installed a kitty gate at the top of the basement stairway, with a cat door which is large enough for the cat to squeeze through, but the dog can not fit. So they have plenty of common ground for rough-housing, but the cat has his area off-limits to dogs where he keeps his litter box and the dog can not eat his cat food

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