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I have a 3yr old wheaten. He has been around other dogs (adult golden) and now a 6month old golden. In the past few months however, he has become aggressive and almost dominant towards them. No matter the size or action, he gets angry and fights. Does this often occur? Any remedy for this?

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My 4yo is sometimes aggressive and non-sociable to other dogs. Doesn't matter what size the other dogs are. Its hit or miss. Her friends she likes, she always likes and that goes for dogs she don't like, she never likes them. Snickers was thrown out of the local doggy spa because of this.

you must be the alpha... lay your dog down on it's side and pin him the the gound. at his head and butt. keep him there until he relaxes then stroke him gently and say good dog. and give hugs.repeat as required.

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