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I have always wanted a wheaton terrier-but with 2 young cats, is it reasonable to add a wheaton puppy to the family?

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my cat was old and had never been around dogs and after a few months the wheaton puppy, (who is now 3) and the cat are fine together. once in a while the dog chases the cat but the cat realizes the dog wouldn't really hurt her. i think they will adjust fine, esp. with a puppy.

yes!!!!i love my puppy and so does my 4 wheaten,gucci,is 5 months old.ive had him for about 2 months.i bought him from the local pet store after seeing him there for a month i just couldnt let him stay any moving to a house but untill then i have gucci and 4 cats in a very small 4 rm apt and they seem to get along ok.they arent the best of friends yet but it takes time.this is our first dog and our cats very in age from 2-6.i also have a 2 year old son so needless to say a new addition of a puppy was a little stressful but totally worth is a wonderful pup and i think this breed would be wonderful for any family with children or animals:)goodluck

My bf has a soft coated wheaten terrier, and they also have a cat. They get along and never fight.

My Wheaton " Pebbles Ann " almost ate my daughter's kitten "Inky". We disiplined Pebbles Ann..and later she even baby sat Inky's kittens. We have pictures that show her hugging the very cat she almost had for lunch. They can be trained to accept another pet. They are absolutely wonderfull dogs especially the females after they are allowed to have and raise a litter. Just one litter though.

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