Photo HOw do you get your wheatonto come back when called?

Good question. I would be interested in seeing this answer. We have this same problem with our wheaten. She rarely comes to you when you call her. We have tried lead training and treat training an

Photo I have a small yorkshire terrier. Would a Wheaten puppy of 8 weeks old be Ok living together in the

I have the same situation as you. I have a 3 Yr. old Yorkie and I got a Wheaten Terrier of 9 weeks, both females. They get along great and both are so much fun.

Photo I have a 3yr old wheaten. He has been around other dogs (adult golden) and now a 6month old golden.

My 4yo is sometimes aggressive and non-sociable to other dogs. Doesn't matter what size the other dogs are. Its hit or miss. Her friends she likes, she always likes and that goes for dogs she don't

Photo I have always wanted a wheaton terrier-but with 2 young cats, is it reasonable to add a wheaton pupp

my cat was old and had never been around dogs and after a few months the wheaton puppy, (who is now 3) and the cat are fine together. once in a while the dog chases the cat but the cat realizes the d

Photo My 3 yr old female wheaton just started acting differently about 6 weeks ago. She is afraid to go ou

Get another wheaten

Photo I have a three and a half year old. Some people say a Wheaten can be too much with a three year old

too much??? Nah. Wheatons LOVE to play. They can be wild...but as long as you are attentive and show them who is boss, the wheaton will love and respect your child as much as you do :)

Photo My 6 year old son is allergic to many dogs so I was wondering if the Wheaten Terrior was hypoallerge

Everything I have read about wheatens say they are hypoalergenic. I had a wheaten mixed with cocker. He was very good with children. Loved to lay next to and "watch over" babies.

Photo I just read Wheatons don't do well in the heat. I live in Tucson, AZ, which can become very hot in t

No not at all I live in salt lake city utah and every summer we give him a hair cut and he loves it. he is perfectly fine.

Photo My wheaten has very oily skin. She also has a stinky dog oder about her. Is there a type of food t
Photo I am thinking about getting a wheaton terrier, but I have a cat. Do any of you have a cat also? Ho

We got our wheaton when she was three yrs. old. Our cat was four yrs. old. The dog will kind of bumb rush the cat a little more than he is used to, but she's not mean or aggressive to the cat. They wi

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