Photo My fox has a constant weeping eye. What can I do to fix it?

My dog's eyes weep also. It is never a problem though. I just use a clean tissue once in awhile. She is two and a half and so far no infections or anything. I think they just have very moist little ey

Photo do TFTs shed alot? Are they good with babies? Are they easy to housebreak? Do they bark alot?

Yes, TFT's do shed quite a bit. They also shed all year round. If little white hairs all over your dark clothing and black couch really bother you, don't get a TFT! As far as housebreaking and barki

Photo do they shed?

My TFT does shed but if I brush her twice a week I have no stray hairs in the house or on my clothes. I use the small rubber brushe they sell for cats. She didn't like getting brushed in the beginni

Photo I have a TFT that sheds alot. I'm going to get a brush and start brusing her to see if it helps. Als
Photo I don't have a TFT but I am planning to get one, but I need to know if they are easy to train since

They are smart and fairly easy to train but require alot of time/attention - especially as a puppy.

Photo I just feel in love with the TFT but I do live in a duplex and I have neighbors downstairs. Will the

Ours only barks for the following reasons: sees something outside she 'needs' to get to (animal, etc), wants to play & we're not paying attention to her, or when we go out the door. We are worki

Photo Do TFTs chew shoes or furniture?

They love to chew shoes but can be broken of the habit easily.

Photo Our 3yr old TFT has recently started trying to attack produce whether she sees or just smells it. N

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