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Breeder Registration

1. Setup a Free Breeder's Ad

Registered users are allowed to setup a free Breeder's ad to promote their kennel.  These listings are hand verified and randomly promoted through out the site.  The listings will remain live as long as we can find a back link to our site. Should a Breeder choose not to link, we offer a subscription service with all the proceeds given to No Kill Shelters.

2. List all of your Puppies  for Free

Our registered kennels are also able to list all of their Puppies for Sale.  These ads are promoted throughout the site, especially on our breed description pages. Many of our users are doing research for a new puppy and it's great exposure for your kennel and pups.

3. List Dogs for Rescue

This section is dedicated to Animal Shelters who house rescue dogs.  Setup a free ad and your Shelter will be promoted right along side our registered Breeders. We encourage Animal shelters to list their rescue dogs under our Puppies for Sale category to gain maximum exposure. Again, all of these features are free. All we ask for is a link to one of our description pages.

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