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My dog Abbey was brought to me on the square almost a year ago during Gold Rush in Dahlonega ga. The owners said she was a wolfhound, but when i looked it up she did not match the description... She does resemble the italian greyhound except she is white/black spots/ black muzzle.. she kind of looks like she has a mask on with a white streak down the middle. I have been trying to figure out exactly what she is so I can breed her one day and know if I can breed her with another italian greyhound.. if she is a mix i know i cannot breed her... i want to also register her to make the breeding legal.. please let me know.. i am attaching a picture of her.. thank you. sincerely.. e. oleksy its the only one i have so far.. hope you can see her... she does have all the traits except for the color... P05-06-11_19.01 please let me know if you are unable to open it.. here is a description... ears.. upright when she is alert.. folded over when she is relaxed.. curled up tail / will go down when playing or relaxed.. it is up and curled when she is alert and excited... long sleek muzzle and face... tucked in tummy.. long sleek legs/very fragile.. we have to be careful when playing with her.. loud and exciting bark.. she barks all the time... very loyal and dedicated to me and my kids.. does not like strangers.. can be protective when other dogs are around.. coat is whit with small black spots.. face black with a white streak down the muzzle... she has the face, ears, tail and body of a grey hound...

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