Kennel Bodilius

We are a Danish breeder of Danish Swedish Farmdogs - and we have supplied several puppies to USA (New York, Maine, Maryland, California, please see Chicago, Florida etc) - Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Germany (and Denmark of course). do the choosing for you, taking into consideration the character and psyche of the puppy as well as your descriptive and informative details about your family, work situation and surroundings. You may wish for a gender, but please note that we have presently already approved 2 families for the next litter. We chose the perfect puppy for your family from observing each puppy’s character, intelligence, psyche and many other qualities. The character and intelligence and psyche which is absolutely non-aggressive, are the reasons why these little dogs are very popular indeed. Also they are so very agile, and you can bring them with you everywhere. They insist on being a member of the family, and they need a lot of stimulation, especially as puppies. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from this Kennel we need to 'approve' you as a family - i.e. you describe your family, your work conditions, surroundings, and the life that the puppy will get with you, how you plan to train it etc. Have you had dogs before? Do you know about the breed? etc. etc. You are also please asked to send digital photos, if it is ok with you. We are sorry, but we need to be certain that our puppies do get the absolute best families. They do not deserve to be sent from home to home, because the match of puppy and family are inadequate. English health certificate from the veterinarian, are chipped, and vaccinated against parvovirus etc and normally also against rabies, and they have received 2 worm-cures consisting of each 3 days. They have pedigree certificate from Dansk Kennel Klub. They are born and live in-house with us in our family. Also the veterinarian issues an official EU-Passport for the dog stating all the vaccines, health status etc. All our puppies naturally come with a good pedigree. Please note that all mating of Danish Swedish farmdogs in Denmark has to be approved by a special breeder's committee, before mating - otherwise it is not possible to obtain the pedigree from Dansk Kennel Klub. All the breeders take the breeding very seriously, as the good blood lines are so few. Please also see a small video at youtube -

Owner: Kennel Bodilius
Location: Denmark, Europe, DE
Breed: Danish Swedish Farm Dog
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