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Once in awhile, I visit a classified ad site and look at pictures of Mini Schnauzers being offered. And I usually end up having to take a big swig of Pepto Bismol when I'm done looking. Folks, words like "Toy" and "Liver" should NEVER be used to describe Mini Schnauzers. Schnauzers come in 3 sizes, Mini, Standard and Giant. These so called toys are nothing more than the runts of the litter, which could very likely have health problems that caused their small size in the first place, that are being bred together to bring down the size from the established breed standard. And schnauzers come in 3 basic colors. Salt and pepper, black, or black and silver. For many years white pups would occasionally occur, but those white pups were disqualified from the show ring. So white does occur naturally and has for many years, so it too can be considered a normal color for the breed. However, colors like liver, chocolate, red, etc, do not occur naturally in the breed, neither do party colors. Don't be fooled into thinking these odd ball deviations from the breed standard are special, or rare, and something to be sought after. They are not true Miniature Schnauzers. (ok, my rant is over. I'm just a big Schnauzer fan and hate to see the breed messed up.) With all the many dogs I have owned over the years, the Miniature Schnauzer is my favorite. My very first dog as a child was a mini, so I have been a fan for over 50 years. You can't beat a schnauzer for personality, intelligence, and that wonderful virtue of being one of only 2 completely non shedding breeds. (poodles are the other breed that does not shed) I have some really great schnauzers. I still have descendants of the mini's my father started the kennel with over 25 years ago. After that many years, you know your dogs quite well, and know that they are sound and healthy. Our mini's all have their tails, ears and dew claws already done for you. All you have to ad is love!

Owner: Marilyn
Location: Mansfield, MO
Website: http://www.pup4u.com
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
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