(German Mastiff, Deutsche Dogge) Commonly called the “Gentle Giant”, the Great Dane possesses an intelligent expression and a loving demeanor. The breed is infamous for its tall stature and powerful build, but despite their large siz
Height: 28 - 37 inches | Weight:100 - 200 pounds
(Alsatian, Deutscher Schaferhund) The German Shepherd is a strong, agile dog with a well-muscled build and an overall appearance that denotes liveliness, nobility, and quality. The breed’s well-balanced body is just longer than it is tall, and
Height: 22 – 26 inches | Weight:77 – 85 pounds
(German Short-haired Pointing Dog, Deutsch Kurzhaar) The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile, all-purpose hunter and gun dog with an overall appearance of aristocracy, balance, power, and agility. They have a medium-sized, symmetrical buil
Height: 21 – 25 inches | Weight:45 – 70 pounds
The Golden Retriever is a well-balanced, symmetrical dog with an active, powerful appearance. They possess an alert, self-confident demeanor and a friendly, intelligent expression. The breed’s body is short coupled and the chest is wide and wel
Height: 20 – 24 inches | Weight:55 – 80 pounds
(Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées) The Great Pyrenees is a beautiful, majestic dog with an overall appearance that denotes elegance, grace, and intelligence. The breed’s regal, kindly expression and sound
Height: 25 – 35 inches | Weight:85 – 100 pounds
(English Greyhound) The Greyhound is a dog whose physical appearance denotes elegance, speed, and agility. The breed has a long, muscular neck that is slightly arched and slopes gracefully into the shoulders, which are set obliquely. The limbs a
Height: 27 – 30 inches | Weight:60 – 70 pounds
(Grønlandshunden) (Greenland Husky)The Greenland Dog, otherwise known as the Greenland Husky, is similar to the Canadian Eskimo sled dog, only taller and with a lighter build. They have a double coat. The outer coat is a stand-off one, the inn
Height: 22‑25 inches  | Weight:66‑70 pounds
(Spanish Greyhound) The Galgo Espanol (Spanish Greyhound) looks very similar to the Greyhound but is not as common in the United States.  A tiny round head leads to their narrow muzzle.  Compared to the rest of their head, they have large e
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:60-70 pounds
(German Hunting Terrier) (Deutscher Jagdterrier) (Jagdterrier) The German Hunt Terrier is a small, perky terrier with lots of personality.  A round head leads to their medium-length rectangular muzzle.  Large round eyes and sweet expre
Height: 16 inches | Weight:20-22 pounds
(Deutsch Langhaar) (German Long-Haired Pointing Dog)The German Longhaired Pointer is a happy and cheerful looking dog.  A large square head leads to their square muzzle.  Round attentive eyes give this breed an appearance of curiosity and i
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:60-70 pounds
(Standard Pinscher)When you see a German Pinscher for the first time, you may think it is a miniature Doberman Pinscher but they have many differences in appearance and obviously in size.  Small and round, their head leads to a tiny narrow muzzl
Height: 16-19 inches | Weight:25-35 pounds
The German Sheeppoodle is a fluffy dog with unique fur.  Round and covered in fur is their large head which leads to their square muzzle.  Large round eyes are normally covered in lots of fluffy fur just like their long floppy ears.  A
Height: 20-24 inches | Weight:50-65 pounds
(Deutscher Spitz) (Nordic) (Gross spitz) (Mittel spitz) (Klein spitz) (Giant German Spitz) (Medium Standard Spitz) (Small Miniature Spitz)  The German Spitz is an adorable breed that comes in three distinct sizes: toy, medium, and giant.  A
Height: 9-17 inches | Weight:18-40 pounds
(Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund) (Drahthaar) (Germen Wirehaired Pointing Dog)The German Wirehaired Pointer is a large dog with many cute and unique features.  A square head is the beginning of this wonderful breed and leads to their long mu
Height: 22-26 inches | Weight:60-70 pounds
The Giant Maso Mastiff is a large and adorable breed that always looks sweet and friendly.  A large square head starts off this breed and leads to their rectangular muzzle where their lips hang down far past their mouth.  Their small brown
Height: 27-30 inches | Weight:130-200 pounds
(Riesenschnauzer) The Giant Schnauzer, like the name suggests, is a large dog much bigger than their other Schnauzer counterparts but with the same appearance.  A long unusual shaped head leads to a rectangular muzzle which has a long beard
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:55-80 pounds
(Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier)The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a short dog that is often compared to a Norfolk Terrier or a Corgi but is still a unique and wonderful dog.  To start off this breed has a round head with an always friendly and cheerful
Height: 14 inches | Weight:34-36 pounds
The gorgeous Gordon Setter is covered in long flowing fur which gives the appearance of elegance as well as grace.  This wonderful coat comes in only black and tan which is very unusual for any Setter.  This breed has a small round head whi
Height: 23-27 inches | Weight:45-80 pounds
(Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund) (Large Swiss Mountain Dog) (Great Swiss Cattle Dog) The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large and cheerful looking breed.  A long rectangular muzzle comes from their round head.  Also on their round heads
Height: 23-28 inches | Weight:130-135 pounds
Beautiful coat that water will roll right off. At home in a field as well as stream. A large dog that will need to get out and stretch its legs.
Tall, skinny and muscular. Approximately 20" height | males can weigh up to 95 lbs
The coat of the Giant Schnoodle comes in black and silver, possibly with patches of white. The coat is thick with soft waves and curls.
The Giant Schnoodle is typically 24-28 inches tall from paw to wither. They usually weigh from 70-85 pounds but it can vary from dog to dog. | 100-120 pounds
This breed weighs between 10-22 pounds. Their fur is wiry and most likely they will not shed. The ears are floppy like that of the Beagle and the snout is short like that of the Bichon. They come in tri-color and red and white.
10-15 inches | 25 pounds
The Goberian has the body and fur of the Retriever with the legs and markings of the Husky. The ears may be erect or floppy. The tail is similar to that of the Husky. The colors of the coat range.
22-24 inches | 50-90 pounds
24-26 inches | 44-75 pounds
The Golden Mountain Dog comes in a variety of colors the most popular are black with white. Other colors are brindle, brown and black.
| 85 pounds
17-22 inches | 40-55 pounds
The Golden Pyrenees is white with marks on its underbelly. Generally, this breed is larger than a Golden Retriever, but heavily resembles one.
My Golden Pyrenees is male and at 7 months old he is 65 pounds | Some are known to get up to 220 pounds.
The goldendoodle is very hyper, energetic and strong.
18-28 inches | 45-75 pounds
They are obedient, active, and attentive are primary traits. They are fun, easy and dependable. The Gollie has a medium coat that will shed twice a year (spring and late fall). Colors range from light brown with white all the way to black with tan st
24 inches | 50-60 pounds
The classic Great Bernese is usually almost all brown with a white chest and white stripe on his neck and face.
| 70-90 pounds
Female: 28" | Male: 135-180 pounds Female: 120-150 pounds
The Griffichon is a low shedding breed with soft hair.
| 10-12 pounds
Its coat is golden brown.
8-11 inches | 5-15 pounds
Male: 24-26 inches (61-66 cm) Female: 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) | Male: 65-75 pounds Female: 55-65 pounds

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