(Karabash) (Turkish Kangal Dog)  The Kangal is a large and powerful breed, heavily boned. It has a large, moderately wide head, with ears that droop. The muzzle and ears are black, which contrasts with the body color which ranges from light tan&
Height: 28‑32 inches  | Weight:90‑145 pounds
(Bulgarian Shepherd) The Bulgarian Shepherd, officially known as the Karakachan, is a massively large dog, very muscular. The dark eyes are deeply placed, and can be quite expressive. The muzzle is medium in length, also massive and broad. The n
Height: 25‑30 inches | Weight:88‑125 pounds
(Karelsk Bjornhund) (Karjalankarhukoira)(Karelischer Barenhund) information, pictures, photos and descriptions.The Karelian is a well-built, strong‑boned, moderately sized breed, with a short-haired, all-weather, double coat. The under-layer i
Height: 19-24 inches | Weight:34-50 pounds
(Karst Sheepdog)  (Istrian Sheepdog) (Krasky Ovcar) (Kraševec)  The Karst Shepherd is a medium-sized, compactly built sheepdog, with a long haired, double coat. The hair comes in different shades of grey, from iron to silver to very
Height: 21-24 inches | Weight:55-93 pounds
The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-sized dog, well-built and muscular. The coats are black at birth, but over time will change color, lightening from black to a very dark blue or bluish gray. For show dogs, only the colors from slate blue to light gr
Height: 17-20 inches | Weight:33‑40 pounds
(Wolfspitz) (Chien Loup) (German Wolfspitz)  The Keeshond (plural: Keeshonden) is a compact little breed, and strongly resembles its  ancestor, the Samoyed.  The Keeshond has oblique chestnut eyes and erect triangular ears. The Keeshon
Height: 16-19 inches | Weight:35‑66 pounds
The King Shepherd resembles the German Shepherd in appearance, with a muscular body, longer than it is high. There are two types of coats for this breed: the coarse-haired coat consists of short, straight hair, the long-haired coat has, obviously, lo
Height: 25 to 29 inches  | Weight:90 to 150 pounds
(Hungarian Sheepdog) (Hungarian Komondor) The Komondor is a large, muscular dog, but extremely agile for its size. It has one of the most unusual coats of all dogs - over the course of two years the undercoat and overcoat fuse together to form c
Height: 27-28 inches | Weight:88-133 pounds
(Kooiker Dog) (Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog) The Kooikerhondje is a small breed, standing a little over a foot high. It has a double coat - the over coat, waterproof, is medium long, with the hair either slightly wavy or straight, and does not requ
Height: 14-16 inches | Weight:20-40 pounds
(Australian Koolie)(German Koolie) (German Coolie)The Koolie is a medium‑sized dog native to Australia, resembling a cross between a Border Collie and a Kelpie. Their coat usually comes in a merled pattern (a bluish gray color mottled with bla
Height: 15-22 inches | Weight:21-44 pounds
(Hungarian Kuvasz)The Kuvasz is a massive, muscular, well‑proportioned white sheepdog, with a medium‑boned body, slightly longer than it is tall. The accepted coat color is white - it also comes in ivory but this is not a preferred colo
Height: 26-30 inches | Weight:70‑115 pounds
The Kyi‑Leo® dog is a small, solid breed, combining the look of the Lhasa-Apso and the Maltese, from which it was bred. Most Kyi-Leo® are black and white - very rarely they will have a silverish-grey and white coat. The coat is long an
Height: 8-12 inches | Weight:9-14 pounds 
The Kemmer Feist is a small perky looking dog which is often compared to the Rat Terrier.  A small round head starts off this dog and leads to their narrow muzzle.  Small round eyes sit slightly off to the side of their head.  Naturall
Height: 15 inches | Weight:14-20 pounds
The Kunming is a large dog that looks a lot like a German Shepherd.  A round head starts off this breed and leads to their long narrow muzzle.  Large round eyes are set into their head.  Large triangular ears sit high on their round he
Height: 25-27 inches | Weight:66-85 pounds

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