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They have wedge-shaped ears, dark nose, dark almond shaped eyes, and a thick furred tail may remind you of the appearance of a wolf.

(Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute mix) The Alusky is a friendly hybrid which makes it a great family dog. They are highly energetic. A good consideration for a search and rescue dog.

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Aluskies are quiet but they are very outgoing and loving to people especially to children. They are very laid back and extremely good with other dogs and cats. They can be stubborn, and may become destructive when left alone. They like to chew when bored. They are loyal and they love to run and interact with their owners. It's a good idea to start socializing them with humans and other dogs from birth to make sure they have a pleasant disposition. They are loyal and their character is a mix between the Husky and Malamute. Further research into those breeds will help explain possible mixes of temperament.

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28 inches
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Female: 80-90 pounds
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General Health

The Alusky is prone to hip dysplasia.

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The history of the Alusky is not known, but they were bred as a working dog, hunting in cold climates and sled pulling. The Malamute parent contributes to this dogs tendency towards being on the stubborn side. The other parent, the Siberian Husky dates back to 19th century Siberia.

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Most coats require little to no maintenance. They shed twice a year like the Siberian Huskie and the Alaskan Malamute. If an Aluskie lives inside, seasonal brushing is recommended. No other grooming is truly needed.

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Ideal Environment

They need space to run and play. If a yard isn’t available, several leash walks a day are recommended. They are able to jump high, dig deep and fit through small spaces. They are true escape artist. A 6 foot fence is recommended.

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