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(American Bulldog and Mastiff mix) The American Bandogge, also known as Bandog, is an impressive muscular breed. Typically they are a gentle dog, but must have an owner/trainer with a strong leadership ability. They will make a great guard dog and/or family pet for the experienced owner.

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This breed is loyal and calm with nearly zero aggression. They get along well with all types of animals. They are excellent with children, but may sometimes knock them over. Training should begin from birth.

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19-30 inches
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Male: 120-135 pounds Female: 110-125 pounds
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General Health

Health concerns inherited from the parent breeds are dysplasia and eye disease. Due to this breeds deep chest., bloat is also a possibility.

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The American Bandogge was first introduced in the 1960\'s. This designer breed can be any cross of parent breeds from an American Bulldog and Mastiff. The name Bandog comes from the Saxon\'s and means chain. The dogs were chained during the day and let loose at night to perform their duties as guard dogs..

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The American Bandogge does well in an apartment as they are fairly active indoors as well as outdoors. Regular walks are a good source of exercise. With moderate shedding, light brushing is necessary. Know that they are drooler\'s, so plenty of available water is needed.

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Ideal Environment

The American Bandogge is protective of it\'s family, other dogs are only recommended if raised together and properly socialized. This breed needs a strong human pack leader.

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