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This breed may often be confused with a yellow Labrador. They have light patches above their shoulders sometimes have white markings between their eyes. Their paws and tip of the tail may also be white.

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The American Gointer will make an excellent family pet, as they adore children and are friendly towards smaller family pets. Some Gointer's can become mildly aggressive or possessive towards other dogs if they are not properly socialized as pups. Training will need to be initiated at an early age, preferably when the dog is brought home. Obedience, crate and potty training can be taught during the same period of time and will be an easier task to accomplish at a young age. This hybrid is stubborn from puppy to adulthood and will require a patient owner

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50-75 pounds
22-27 inches
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70-80 pounds
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General Health

As with most breeds, they are prone to hip dysplasia. These genetic defects may be hidden until 1-2 years of age. It's important to have puppies screened by a vet.

the American goiter is a lab pointer mix and can have eye and heart issues

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The American Gointer is a recent hybrid, so there isn\'t much prior history available at this time. The parent breeds are Golden Retriever and English Pointer. While in the beginning breeding was equal parts of both breeds, over time the percentages may vary. The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland in the early 1800\'s. Now a great family dog, they began as hunting dogs. The English Pointer is thought to be from Spain during the late 1600s to early 1700s. Also were great hunting dogs.

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They desire lots of attention and do best around people who can provide lots of interaction. They need at least 1 hour of exercise a day to keep their energy levels under control.

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Ideal Environment

This breed enjoys lots of exercise and my require lots of room to run. They tend to be very hyper and may need frequent trips to the dog park.

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