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I got a puppy 6 months ago from a car repair place in garden grove .He was very stout then and now the guy i got him from said his mom was a $1600 blue bully pit .A buddy of mine got his brother and he is 7 months and 52 lbs ,mine is 7 months and 74lbs .His was the runt of the litter . I feed him good food Kirkland dog food not the best but good dog food . Any way i am kind of wondering how big hes going to get . when i got him i figured 75 to 80 lbs LOL . I know everyone ask this and without knowing for sure what he is its hard to know .But if anyone out there had a bully pit that weighed 75 lbs at 7 months . they could give me a good idea of what size he might be . thank you

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well im the one who wrote this with no response lol well hes a year old now and is a great dog hes mellow best natured dog ive ever had . he weighs in at 97lbs on his 1 year birthday . come to find out if i believe the people i got him from hes a bully pit through and through ive been told by breeders he will grow until hes 2 or 3 years i expect him to get up to 120lbs . its funny when they grow its like watching a side show their butts get higher than there heads then they get long then about 10 months his head started growing lol right now hes a great looking dog . but im his dad so take it for what its worth .

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