Photo Do these dogs shed?

My Aussie shed very little. The only time he seems to shed is if he has not been brushed in a few days. But shedding is very minimum.

Photo Do Aussiedoodles lick a lot? Our first one constantly licks us. is this common to the breed?

My 2 year A-D licks all the time! Especially our other 10 month old pup. He is very responsive when we tell him not to lick.

Photo Do they bark alot?

My Aussie barks little during play especially when he is excited. During walks he does bark at passersby and other dogs out of excitement and sometimes it is hard to "snap" him out of it.

Photo My Aussiedoodle is 10 months old and very loving. He always got along well with other dogs too. But,

The Australian part of your dog works hard to keep every one in check. It can be difficult to rein them in but I would carry a can of air called Pet Corrector and when he goes to attack you press down

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