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My dog Buster cries ALOT....he has to potty....he cries, hungry...cries, wants to go bye-bye..cries, let him go bye-bye..he cries the whole time...Does anyone else have this problem? what to do?

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First of all, i empathize with you. I have the same problem with the beabul i'm fostering (which appears to be a lifer). You need to know this dog is a manipulator, and a master at it to boot! If you stay stronger than your pooch, consistanty will pay off. Try not to give in to those big brown eyes. My dog actually watches his own pathetic expressions in the mirror for practice on my emotions. I swear!

My Beabull cries at times however, with consistency you can control it. I say Hush and clap my hands every time and she has learned to stay quiet when I do it. She knows I mean business. My voice is firm and expression is serious.Though in my case it has to be the main person which is myself, who deals with the dog that can make her stop. If my children or anyone else does it she doesn't listen. So find a word and action and stick to it and hopefully it will control her whining.

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