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he cries continuously....has to potty..he cries, hungry..cries, wants to go bye-bye...cries, let him go bye-bye..cries, sometimes just cries and you can't figure out why he is crying...Does anyone else have this problem with this breed. I love him so much but it drives me CRAZY...he never quits...what to do ???

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My beabull also cries all the time, when he's not barking, lol. The only time he's not making noise is when he's into something, like destroying my couch!! But then my beagle dog will howl at the top of his lungs until I come see what the beabull is into! I have 4 dogs and there is never a moment of peace and quiet unless they are all sleeping at the same time. And they all have beagle in them!! But the beabull is the whiner, in fact he is whining right now.

my beabull is also a cry baby, hardly every barks. Cries to go out then cries while he's out. Cries in the car and even cries in his sleep. He's just a wimp I guess!

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