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The coat of a Bich Poo is typically soft and curly. Bich Poos usually do not have a lot of dander and like their Poodle parents they do not shed, which makes them an excellent option for pet owners who like to have an inside dog. The coats may vary between mixed and solid colors. The most common colors are apricot and white, but other colors may include chocolate, black and gray. Grooming options include typically Poodle styles or Bichon styles.

Also known as Poochon.

Bich Poo dogs are a hybrid breed that arises from a cross between Poodles and Bichon Frise. This breed of dog is also sometimes referred to as a Poochon or a Bichapoo. Like many hybrid breed of dogs, this breed was bred to produce specific traits and qualities of both dogs, including, the coat of the poodle, which does not shed. The characteristics of this breed of dog will depend upon whether the parents of the puppy was a purebred Bichon Frise and a purebred Poodle, which is known as a first generation hybrid, or whether the puppy was a result of breeding a Bich Poo with a purebred, a process that is known as a backcross hybrid. Qualities may also depend upon whether the puppy is the result of a multi-generation cross, which is produced through breeding of Bich Poos.

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The character of a Bich Poo is known to be quite affectionate and sensitive. The breed of known is also well known for being highly responsive to owners. An energetic dog, the Bich Poo loves to play with its owner and will often seem to be completely tireless. That said, this breed of dog is not as energetic as some other breeds and will be happy enough to curl up next to its master for a nap. Prospective owners should be aware that some qualities of the Bichon Frise do come through in the Bich Poo and one of those is sudden spikes of energy. This is a dog that is quite clever and intelligent and will learn quickly, especially when provided with proper training. It learns tricks quite easily. This dog can be somewhat friendly toward strangers, which may present problems if the dog is intended to act as a watchdog. Overall, the Bich Poo gets along well with other dogs as well as with children, although owners should take care to supervise play between the dog and children.

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6-12 inches
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6-15 pounds

6-15 pounds
Some of these dogs can exceed 20 pounds. Ours is 9 years old and weighs 22.2 pounds; he has been the same weight throughout adulthood.
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General Health

Like many breeds of dogs, the Bich Poo may suffer from certain health problems. These problems may be more pronounced if they were experienced by the parents and may include cataracts and allergies. Hybrids are less likely to suffer from such problems than purebreds. When provided with proper care, the Bich Poo typically has a lifespan between 12 and 15 years.

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Bich Poos because they are a cross breed or a hybrid, are typically not able to be registered with major kennel clubs due to the fact that the dog is a cross of two different breeds rather than just one. Even if both parents were registered purebreds, it would not be possible to register the dog. Recently smaller registries have developed specifically for hybrid dogs such as Bich Poos.

Bich Poos are not eligible to be registered with purebred registries due to the fact that it is a hybrid, but it can be registered with hybrid clubs. The Bich Poo has become quite popular in the last few years, as is the case with many other breeds of dogs that are known as designer breeds.

Bich Poos, as is the case with many mixed breed dogs or hybrid breed dogs were originally produced in order to bring out specific traits from the parent dogs. In the case of Bich Poos, the breed is known for having a coat that does not shed and the affection and energy of a Bichon Frise. The exact size and temperament of the resulting dog will depend upon the parents.

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The Bich Poo will require regular brushing. Grooming should be performed every two to four months, depending upon the grooming style that has been selected, which may be similar to that of either the Poodle or the Bichon Frise. The Bich Poo will need to be shampooed and bathed when necessary.

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Ideal Environment

The best environment for a Bich Poo will be one in which the owner is committed to providing regular grooming, training and plenty of affection. The Bich Poo is known to be an active dog and will require exercise on a daily basis that includes a walk as well as playtime. If the dog is to dwell in an apartment, this is even more important in order to manage spikes of energy that may be prone in this breed.

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We live in West Chester, Pennsylvania and are looking for a reputable breeder of Bich Poos. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can look? Also, I do have slight allergies to dogs. Has anyone had any allergic reactions to a Bich Poo? Thank you for your help!

Hi! I unfortunately don't know about your question BUT I do know a good cute dog similar to the bichpoos. They're Teddybears (a.k.a. Shichons, Zuchons.) My Brother is allergic to dogs, so the teddy bear didn't even make him wheeze once. Hope this helps! :)


I am looking for a reputable breeder within 100 miles of Raonoke, VA, please reommend, if possible Thank you

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