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Bologcos are an first generation (F1) designer mix between two purebreds--the Bichon Bolognese from Italy and the American Cocker Spaniel. This mix is somewhat hypoallergenic, as their wavy to loosely curled hair grows continuously and thus does not shed. They are a sturdy, small dog with solid bone structure, which makes them suitable for playing with children or for taking on walks and/or to the park, but they are small enough for either apartment or condo living. Their body is generally longer than their height, as they tend to have shorter legs, and they have a broad chest and a short neck. They are bearded, which gives them a cute Teddy Bear appearance, but underneath that beard they have a quite nicely shaped, longer muzzle, with plenty of room for a precise scissor bite with well formed teeth. So they are not a "smushy faced" dog so do not have problems with either breathing or snoring or getting overheated from normal exercise. They physically resemble the Bichon Bolognese more than the American Cocker, except for their long Spaniel like ears. However they do not have the super curled, corded coat of the Bolognese, as their hair is much more relaxed. And this is a natural small dog, with an undocked tail that is usually carried curled up over the back. And the dew claws are not removed either, as they are strongly attached to bone and nerves, and dewclaws help the dog keep its balance in quick turns. Bologcos are a smaller dog, shorter to the ground than long, with the females being smaller and the males larger. Height varies but they are generally within the height range of a Mini-Poodle, which is over ten inches in height but under 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulder. However the Bologco has a much broader and deeper chest than the Mini Poodle and thus carries more weight to its height than a Mini-Poodle.

The Bologco is known to occasionally shed.

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Bologcos are rather active, very friendly, smaller dogs that make good house pets and companions. They also make great little house guards, although they are not exceptionally barky. As one of the purebreds behind this designer mix, the Bichon Bolognese, descends from the the smaller white dogs used by the Phoenicians thousands or years ago as a ratter on sailing ships, thus this type of little white dog was spread all over the Mediterranean Sea area. Other descendants and thus relatives include the Bichon Frise and the Maltese. Although neither the Bichon Bolognese nor the Bologco have a terrier type of fierceness, the Bologcos does inherit a fearlessness from their Bolognese side that makes them good in novel situations. They inherit a very friendly personality from the American Cocker side.

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15 inches
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12-18 pounds
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General Health

Bologcos exhibit hybrid vigor, called heterosis, being a true F1 first generation cross between two pure breeds. At this time there are no known health issues.

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Bologcos were first developed at the Jolie Chien kennel in North Central Florida in 2007. She bred a line of smaller than usual American Cocker females were bred to a larger than usual 13 pound Bichon Bolognese male.

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The Bologco coat grows continuously, just like human hair, and thus hardly ever sheds. However, this long haired mix does require quite a bit of grooming, so their owner must either learn to groom the dog themselves, or take the dog to a professional groomer about every six weeks or so. However the dog should be brushed at home several times a week, and the lighter colors will show more dirt and staining than the darker colors. Bologcos come in any and all colors and markings, and lighter colors include silvers, platinums, champagnes, creams, and apricots, and darker colors include blacks, seals, merles, black masked sables, and tan points, all often with white markings.

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Ideal Environment

Bologcos are meant to be house dogs and companion pets, although they do need exercise. And they are small enough to live in either an apartment or a condo, as long as they are walked regularly, although a fenced yard where the dog can be supervised is ideal, as with any pet dog. And they are large enough to take on a walk on a leash, or to the park or even to the beach. But they crave companionship and should not be left alone in a back yard.

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