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The Border-Aussie has the build of a Border Collie. The coat is medium to long in length and can have the colors of either of its ancestors, but usually comes in black and white with sides of the face and legs often brown. Most will have white paws. The ears are floppy during puppyhood but become semi-erect nearing adulthood. The eyes are brown, blue or mixed. The coat can be long and straight or curly like that of the Australian Shepherd.

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The Border-Aussie is a friendly, outgoing breed. It is intelligent and easily trainable. It is an excellent choice for owners with children. The Border-Aussie is a high energy breed and will require plenty of daily exercise.

The Border-Aussie is a great herding dog and gets along well with cats.

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19-20 inches
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30-75 pounds
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General Health

Generaly healthy dogs not many concerns about this breed

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Border-Aussies have a coat that is easy to groom and maintain. An occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush is sufficient to assist the shedding process and keep the coat free of tangles and matting. Australian Shepherds should be bathed only as necessary. They are average shedders. Especially during shedding season extra care should be given to the soft, dense undercoat. The ears and coat, especially on the back of the neck, should be checked regularly for ticks.

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Ideal Environment

The Border-Aussie requires large amounts of exercise and enjoys open area to run and play. Daily leash walks are required as well as frequent trips to the dog park. This breed is comfortable in an apartment as long as daily exercise is provided.

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We are interested in a border-aussie puppy but would prefer a puppy or dog under a year old to be able to train them ourselves for the most part. We would prefer a dog that will be medium-sized as an adult. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jack and Linda

Not sure how long ago this question was posted but there are border Aussies for $200 right now on puppy find in Missouri if you search austrailian shepherds and then click the miniature Australian shepherd link and then in the top right corner click location and choose Missouri then go to sort by birth date. They are 12 days old :)

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