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Do Bordooles shed like Border Collies or do they not shed like Poodles do?

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They shed like crazy. Plus their hair is the perfect breeding ground for flies so they often have maggots living in their curly locks. If you don't mind the maggots and border collie hyperactivity, they're great though...

By the sound of it the above poster doesn't have a sound knowledge of the average bordoodle. I currently have a lot to do with Bordoodles and the above statement is false in my opinion they have a lovely low/NO shedding coat!!! An all round great family/companion pet


Most Bordoodles shed but only very lightly. Great pet dog for people with fur allergies.

my bordoodle is short haired not curly and she tends to shed a pretty good amount daily...

Mine is long haired and requires trims every couple of months but does not shed.

Bordoodle coats are usually curly, wavy and low shedding. Since it is a hybrid cross with the poodle, their coats are typically hypoallergenic as well :) You can check out for more information.

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