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Hello! I have a 6 month old cocker spaniel. She is very smart and sweet. But it seems that she has a problem with younger children when they try to pet her (childrens 5 and younger). She growls and tries to bite them. What can I do??

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cockers are very shy dogs if you can get the kids to understand the idea try giving the kids treats and tossing them to the dog so the dog relates the small kids with treats after awhile she should warm up to them just be very careful.

Cocker spaniels are NOT "very shy dogs" (I run a cocker spaniel rescue, and have dealt with hundreds of them). She has most likely had a bad experience with a child (maybe your child, maybe not -- but, something has happened to traumatize her). Talk with a dog behaviorist ASAP, before someone gets hurt, and the dog ends up being put down. This is serious.

I have 3 Cocker takes our 3 a little bit of time to warm up to younger kids..I think it has alot to do with the fast movement/loudness from younger children..After a little while they are maybe telling the children to talk softly to the dog as they go to pet him/her..

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