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I've got a puppy from a recent litter that is a black white and tan. He also has big patches of silver on him. Others out of the same litter also have some silver on them. Could you tell me if that changes what color that is? Or what you call that? Cheryl

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Hi there,Our two and a half year old female is turning silver too. I've never seen anything like it. She was solid black with just a few white wiskers on her chin. If you ever find out please let me know..

It might bea vitemin defitionsy or just the changing nature of your dog's coat. It shouldn't be anything too seriouse but just to be sure talk to your vet. :)

ive seen an american cocker spaniel at a dog show that is party colours but also has silver on it and people seem to think its fine, even though it doesnt win alot and is very ugly but its perfectly healthy. if the kennel club dont mind then it should be fine

I would have to see a picture to be sure but it sounds like you might possibly have a merle cocker. You can go to and read more about merle cocker spaniels.

They would be consider a "Parti cocker spaniel"..meaning several different colors

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