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I am having my cocker spaniel flown from Alaska to Maine...should be approximately 15 hrs...I am worried about the stress this will cause. Has anyone flown their dog for this many hours or more who could offer some suggestions? Thanks

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If your dog is crate trained & does not stress in the crate, they should have no problem. If you are flying with your dog, and have along layover somewhere, you can always ask to get the dog out & take it for a walk/potty break. Most vets and the airlines do not recommend sedating animals for travel for a variety of reasons. You should make sure they have adequate containers for water/food. The small plastic cups that hook to the crate door may be ok, but I find them too small for my dogs. I use a small metal bucket that I hook to the door. I also give my dog a hard bone and a few toys that they can chew or play with. Good luck!

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