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I am very dishearten . I purchased this most beautiful cocker spaniel pup and I am giving it all the best care. All of a sudden, he is vomiting and having loose stool. The vet took blood sample from him and called us and told us that our pup is anemic and that we should buy him iron tablets. This just doe not sound right. What should I do?

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Have your vet rule out stomach blockage. My first Cocker had to be operated on when she was a pup because the passage from her stomach to her intestine didn't open naturally as it should after birth. Or may be your baby swallowed something it can not pass.

First, go to a vet that will actually HELP you, instead of merely telling you to get more iron in your dog. The vet needs to get down to the bottom of what is causing the anemia, not just supplement it. Keep at it, until you get an answer!

Could be IMHA. Get to another vet ASAP!

We had a issue with our 5yr old cocker spaniel ..When she was only a few months she started vomitting and having diaherra..out of blue..took her into the vet after 3 days of doing what they told me to do..she ended up being dehydrated (for which they put fluids under her skin) and had a virus..was put on antibotic problems since..Get a second opinion

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