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I have an english cocker spaniel having skin problems. vet given antibotics. works in the initial stage but not really useful after a period. Red spots all over the body, skin peeling off like dandruff, especially from the red spots. tried a few off the shelf solutions but useless. pls kindly advice what can i do?

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We had similar problems with our Cocker. It turned out to be a thyroid issue. Once on regular thyroid supplement the skin issues resolved completely.

After many vet visits I tried an old solution my father would use...he told me 1/3 Listerine, 1/3 baby oil, and 1/3 water. Shake in sprayer bottle over area and then rub in. It worked for me. Good Luck.

I'm going to second the thyroid issue. My cocker has hypothyroidism which is easily treated with a daily pill--$9 a month. My parents' cocker has Cushing's disease, which has also contributed to some skin problems in their cocker. This is a little more expensive--$60 per month in medication. but is has worked very well!

My cocker spaniel also suffered from red spots, dandruff like issues. Vet said it was likely allergies...we tried various foods with no solution. While on antibiotics, the spots cleared up only to come back within three weeks. I tried Nzymes (search online) and we also moved 60 days after starting the Nzymes. I will never know whether it was the Nzymes that cleared things up or if there was something in the house he was allergic to. Have had no problems since.

We use coconut our 3 cocker spaniel..(1teaspoon in their food morning/dinner time)..So many other benefits skin issues since starting...our

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