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I just got a cocker spaniel from a relative. He had an abusive first owner and second owner put him out in a muddy yard no grooming. He is nervous but affectionate. He has one fore leg that he has scratched all the hair from and 2 spots on his rear that have no hair. Please tell me any advice I know nothing about cocker spaniels. I have had to cut off his beautiful ear hair due to mattes. His legs are next but I try not to do too much in 1 day. Any help is appreciated.

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It will take time for him to get used to you. Take him to the groomer and get him a nice haircut. I genenral groomers are well trained and know how to handle any dog. Once you develop trust between your new puppy, obidience class is another option. You will really see the difference in your dog behaviour. If the dog was abused and left alone in a back yard, you will need to socialize your doggy with other dogs and people. Have fun spending time with your puppy!!!

He needs to go to a professional groomer, especially before the mats get too bad.

I own 3 cocker spaniels...we trim ours into a short help with matting ..trim the ears down to help with air getting in the they don't get ear infections..We just rescued our last one ..he w as s abused and very timid..scared of everything and anything..would bark non stop..hides under tables..2 months now..Wow what a different dog..he just needed to be loved /played with..they are people loving dogs that will follow you night will curl up on the couch with you...Alot of people I talked to crate their cocker ..I only used the crate when they were younger..they have free run of our house day/night..Patients is the key to cocker spaniel..they love to learn ..easy going..

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