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I was recently asked to take in a Cocker Spaniel that was born in 98. Making him almost 11yrs old. Up to date with shots, house broken, friendly and sweet(has been around kids). His owner can no longer keep him due to an illness. If I don't take him he will go to a shelter. (Senior dog, you know what will happen!) I feel terrible, but I have four kids and I worry if it's a good idea for us. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Well if he is good around kids then go for it. I have one and he is awesome with kids. So i think you should go ahead and take him in. And if he is that old then you don't want that bad thing to happen so yeah, go for it.

I have friends that have adopted the 'seniors' and have had a great deal of pleasure from them. The older dogs aren't usually wanted, but they have a lot to give and you don't have the puppy issues.

As long as he proves himself to be good with kids (and your kids, good with dogs -- it IS a two way street!), then keep him! I have 4 cockers, 3 are seniors, and all are good with kids.

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