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My Cocker Chloe is 2 and when she gets excited she pee's or when we correct her. How can I get her to stop!!

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I have 2 females, 1 that is 12 and the other is 2. You really can't do much to get them to stop. I do however tell people as they enter the house (and people that visit often know) not to talk or pet the girls until they calm down a bit. The breed is commonly known for this issue. My next house will have laminant flooring! Good Luck!

Submissive urination can be controled by medication. Ask your vet about it. She should only need it while shes young.

we adopted a lovely 2 year old cocker spaniel last year, she has the same problem. We tried having company ignore her but she would just get up on the furniture to get to them and piddle there. Our blessing has been a reusable doggy diaper. She suprisingly doesn't piddle in that (go figure) just takes a few seconds to put on and she can greet company immediately

If I know someone is coming over I put my dog out to pee. If it's unexpected I greet the guest & immediately take my dog out to pee.

I have (2) cockers which both had the same issue. I was told by my vet they would grow out of it, they did not. My groomer suggested we let the dogs say hi first, asking that our guests please not bend over them until the dog relaxes a moment, now I have no further issues with my cockers peeing on themselfs or anyone.

I run a cocker spaniel rescue, and have had literally hundreds of cockers in my care over the years. I can tell you that this is NOT a cocker spaniel "thing", as one person has suggested -- out of hundreds of cockers, we only had 3 or 4 that submissive peed.. ANY breed of dog will submissive pee, if they are insecure in their pack. Once they have a strong pack leader, and feel secure within their pack, they quit submissive peeing. At least, that has been our experience.

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