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My cocker spaniel has a crust on one side of nose is this something that needs to be treated by a vet?

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it may be because she cant lick it and its drying up, our american cocker had it straight across the top of her nose but she was find with it. the vet didnt subscribe anything so i believe it should be ok

My cocker had the same thing and how I solved the problem was by cleaning her nose after she ate because she would get food on it and didn't get it clean. I never had the problem again. To get rid of a bad build up at first use a warm wet compress to the area and when it is soft enough it will come of with a little help. You may need to put antibiotic ointment on it if it has been on there for a while. This will heal quickley. Hope this helps, Kim

EXACTLY what Kim said!

Try a little coconut oil...on it...Our cocker spaniel get it in there food has alot of health benefit/helps with skin issues/coats

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