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Our 11 week old cocker spaniel whines, howls and barks when we put him in the cage at bedtime or if we have to leave for an hour or so. Any suggestions on how to curb this? We have had Cockers in the past and never had this problem.

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I would suggest leaving a T-Shirt that one of you have worn. One of my dogs is almost 13 years old, but if I leave a shirt on the bed that where she goes.The scent is comforting.

I would suggest leaving a T-Shirt in the crate. I have a dog that is almost 13 yrs. old and if I have a shirt on the bed that's where she goes. The scent of you is comforting.

email me at:, and I'll email you some info. that will help.

We put a wind up alarm clock in a shoe that smelled like us in the cage. It took care of. Problem.

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