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Our cocker is turning 11 years old April 22 she is quite healthy has given us years of love and as all reports say a very devoted companion. What is it in the cocker breed that brings out these lumps?? Especially in the last 2 years it seems like there are new ones every 8 or so weeks when we go to the groomers. They don't seem tbother her and the Vet says their benign, but she is healthy does not eat table scraps we have always bought her food from the Vet. We keep her coat short and these darn lumps are so ugly , but we love her just the same.

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Just because you buy your dog's food from the vet, doesn't mean that it's good. Take a look at the ingredients. Does it contain corn? Is it Science Diet? If so -- throw it out, it's garbage. Go to, and you'll find that it's rated less than a zero star out of 6 stars (6 stars being the best ******).

Are you talking about lipomas (benign fat tumors under the skin), or warts?

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